Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.


Would you sellout your spouse for $58, 000.00?

A message from Johnny

When those who we depend on for safety and security becomes a threat to our Safety and security, then they are no longer useful.

A message from Johnny


I found this on one of my picks.   Its a nice piece with no damage and has fine detail.  I would aappreciate any infomation.

I was approached by some one at the swapmeet and you as told about a free trial program that the seattle times has going. His pitch was that I was going to get a certain amount of weeks and the paper would stop if I did not set up a subscription. The implication was that I didn’t have to do anything and free trial would just end. Well, guess what I got in the mail. Yuuuuuup, a bill, a bill for $33.00 due upon receipt. This doesn’t sound like a free trial to me, It sounds like a big lie.

A message from Johnny

Just had a refridgerator to get rid of. Offered it up as a project to hatch eggs but no takers. The former owners left it an other junk we are burdened to dispose of. In doing so, I was informed that the utility company was paying (a small amount) for them. I called and was informed that they have subcontractors to pick them up. She studdered a bit and said it will cost me nothing and it will be picked ip for free. What didn’t smell right was that the female on the phone gave me the number of the subcontractor. What would been more fitting would be first of all, not to studder, Secondly with my experience my information would be taken and the Subcontractor would be sent out. This was more like a referral.

A mesage from Good Goods

The Windows computer I bought from Wal-Mart for 229.99 has windows 8 installed.  what’s peculiar is the fact that you have to have an account with Microsoft to activate Windows 8, another strange thing is that it didn’t have a button to open the drive.  I went on-line to see if I was imagining things, but nope, it’s true, no button.   Some one claimed that it was a microscopic button and you couldn’t hardly see it. My  question is…why so small?   Anyway,  Just wanted an updated computer to monitor my surveillance system,  do some movie and picture editing and access to my Network storage drives.   Hardly anything that needed the internet or required an account with the MS mogul.    Sure I have internet, I have other computers that access the internet.   If I can’t buy a computer without having an account with Microsoft, guess I’ll see what other companies has to offer.  

K-Mart computer crash

My wife and I were at the tacoma 6th ave kmart and just as soon as she hit the final keys on the credit card keyboard the cash register and monitor froze up. There we were in limbo. Did the tansaction take or not. It happened just before the reciept was printed. AND!, the only solution the manager could come up with…..take down all our infomation. #target kept flashing in and out. We offered to pay cash and take the merchandise. The manager said we would be paying for it twice. Which seems strange because according to her the payment didn’t go through. We had a simpler solution….dispute the transaction on the credit card, get our dog food somewhere else and never, ever shop at the 6th ave Tacoma.

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