Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1780, 230 Years ago Today, The African Union Society of Newport, Rhode Island, was the first attested Black mutual aid society.

 2. In 1831, 179 Years ago Today, The Confession of Nat Turner, After Nat Turner was captured, he was interview in jail by a Baltimore lawyer, Thomas R. Gray. Nat give in some detail the how’s and why’s of his actions. The complete interview can be read at the following URL:

 3. In 1891, 119 Years ago Today, Granville T. Woods patented the electric railway.

 4. In 1898, 112 Years ago Today, George P. White was an outspoken Republican political leader, two-term Congressman from  North Carolina. He introduced the first anti-lynching legislation into the Congress (it was defeated).

 5. In 1898, 112 Years ago Today, National Benefit Life Insurance Company organized in Washington, D.C., Samuel w. Rutherford. National Benefit was the largest Black insurance company for several years.

 6. In 1957, 53 Years ago Today, Charlie Sifford Won PGA Long Beach California Open. First Black To do So.

 7. In 1960, 50 Years ago Today, President John F. Kennedy named Andrew T. Hatcher associate press secretary. Hatcher was the first Black to hold this position.


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