Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1890, 120 Years ago Today, D. McCree patented the portable fire escape. Patent No. 440,322

 2. In 1925, 85 Years ago Today, Spingarn Medal awarded to James Weldon Johnson, former U.S. consul in Venezuela and Nicaragua and NAACP executive secretary, for his work as an author, diplomat and leader.

 3. In 1925, 85 Years ago Today, Xavier University established.

 4. In 1969, 41 Years ago Today, The image converter for detecing electromagnetic radiation was patented by George R. Carruthers making him the first Black to do so.

 5. In 1975, 35 Years ago Today, Angola proclaimed independent.

 6. In 1979, 31 Years ago Today, The Bethune Museum & Archives, a depository and center for African American women’s history, is established in Washington, DC

 7. In 1989, 21 Years ago Today, Civil Rights Memorial is dedicated in Montgomery, AL.


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