Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1895, 115 Years ago Today, E. H. Holmes received Patent for Gage

 2. In 1900, 110 Years ago Today, Paris Exposition, Henry O. Tanner was one of the 6,916 American exhibitors at the Paris Expoition which closed its gates on this day. Tanner won a silver medal for his entry.

 3. In 1922, 88 Years ago Today, Sigma Gamma Rho, Sorority Inc. founded, Seven black women in Indianopolis, Indiana founded Sigma Gamma Rho sorority based on a desire to raise the standards of teachers in normal and other schools. These individuals included Mary Lou Allison Little, Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Vivian White Marbury, Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson, Hattie Mae Dublin Redford, Bessie M. Downey and Cubene McClure.

 4. In 1941, 69 Years ago Today, Opera singer, Madame Lillian Evanti, founds the National Negro Opera Company, 1941

 5. In 1977, 33 Years ago Today, Ernest Nathan Morial was elected the first black mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana.

 6. In 1977, 33 Years ago Today, Spingarn Medal awarded to Alexander P. Haley “for his unsurpassed effective in portraying the legendary story of an American of African descent.”


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