Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1867, 143 Years ago Today, Louisiana constitutional convention (forty-nine white delegates and forty-nine Black delegates) met in Mechanics Institute, New Orleans.

 2. In 1897, 113 Years ago Today, Andrew J. Beard invented the jerry coupler (car-coupler) still used today to connect railroad cars, Patent # 594,059.

 3. In 1897, 113 Years ago Today, E. R. Robinson Received Patent for Casting Composite

 4. In 1897, 113 Years ago Today, J. L. Love received Patent for Pencil sharpener Patent No. 594,114

 5. In 1905, 105 Years ago Today, Fifty-seven Blacks reported lynched.

 6. In 1907, 103 Years ago Today, Alice Freeman Palmer Institute in Sedalia, North Carolina, founded by Charlotte Hawkins Brown, was renamed and incorporated as Palmer Memorial Institute.

 7. In 1980, 30 Years ago Today, 1000 people from twenty five states gather in Philadelphia and form the National Black Independent Party, 1980

 8. In 1990, 20 Years ago Today, The Piano Lesson, a play by August Wilson, wins the Pulitzer Prize for drama. It also won the Peabody Award 1996, New York Drama Critics Award for Best Play 1990′ Circle Award, Drama Desk Award Outstanding New Play 1990.


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