Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

Are the Terrorist Winning

What better way to cause Americans to lose their freedom than to cause our own Politicians and Officials to take it from us.
Once enjoying the freedoms of America, only worrying about checking our bags and how many carry-ons we are allowed, we are now being groped and full body scanned.

Our officials are quick to remind us that we will never go back to the freedoms we had prior to September 11, 2001. We are slowly being deprived of our freedoms. Where is it going to end? I imagine that soon the full body scans and pat downs will spread to train stations, bus stations, Senior High Schools, Middle schools, then when it spread to Elementary Schools we will wake up and realize that no security is worth our freedom, dignity and personal privacy.

Will it be to late by then? Will the status quo be so entrenched in American New Think? Our freedom is being eaten away as though the Langoliers were at work.

I find it suspicious that the only protest against the TSA pat down and body scans was to choose the pat down. There should have been an option not to fly. If everyone who complained about the pat downs and body scans chose not to fly, then the thinking heads at the round table would come up with civilized ways of insuring our security without taking away our dignity or our freedom. You have to hit them in the wallet, bank, pocket book and even the safe deposit box.

Nothing makes organization heads get on the ball quicker than when they start losing money. Remember when a gallon of gas was nearing $5.00 a gallon, gas sales dropped and so did the the price. Airlines losing money will literally bring the Business, Industry and Political talking heads to the round table.

No matter how much you disagree and complain about TSA methods, If you paticipate and spend your money, the Airlines with take your money and nothing will change. If we are to remain a FREE NATION, a meesage need to be sent that this conduct and these methods by any organization will no be tolerated.


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