Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1848, 162 Years ago Today, Worldwide abolishment of slavery (except for U.S.)

 2. In 1860, 150 Years ago Today, Southern states believed the election of Lincoln as president meant the end to slavery. Immediately after the election in Novembet 1860, several states began holding conventions and debate secession from the Union. Before Lincoln took office on March 4, 1861, seven states had seceded fron the Union.

 3. In 1870, 140 Years ago Today, Allen University Founded, a private, coeducational historically Black university located in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was founded in Cokesbury in 1870 as Payne Institute, dedicated to providing education to freed African-American slaves.

 4. In 1870, 140 Years ago Today, Benedict College Founded,  an historically black, liberal arts college located in Columbia, South Carolina. Founded in 1870 by northern Baptists, it was originally a teacher’s college. It has since expanded into a four-year college.

 5. In 1870, 140 Years ago Today, Jefferson F. Long of Macon, Ga., elected to an unexpired term in the Forty-first Congress. Georgia Democrats carried state election with a campaign of violence and political intimidation.

 6. In 1870, 140 Years ago Today, LeMoyne-Owen College established. LeMoyne-Owen College was formed through the 1968 merger of LeMoyne College and Owen College, both private, historically black, church-affiliated colleges

 7. In 1870, 140 Years ago Today, Robert H. Wood, Mississippi political leader, elected mayor of Natchez.

 8. In 1893, 117 Years ago Today, 1st state anti-lynching statue approved, in Georgia.

 9. In 1893, 117 Years ago Today, Paul Lawrence Dunbar publishes Oak and Ivy.

 10. In 1956, 54 Years ago Today, On this day the African American community of Montgomery, Alabama voted unanimously to end its 381 day bus-boycott.

 11. In 1981, 29 Years ago Today, (Dreamgirls) opens on Broadway at the Imperial Theater.

 12. In 1983, 27 Years ago Today, Julius Erving scores his 25,000th career point, becoming the ninth professional basketball player to achieve this mark.


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