Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1.   Today, Seventh and last day of Kwanzaa Celebrating the Seventh of Seven Principles, Imani (Faith)

 2. In 1804, 207 Years ago Today, Jean Jacques Dessalines proclaimed independence of Haiti, the second republic in the Western Hemisphere.

 3. In 1808, 203 Years ago Today, Federal law prohibiting the importation of African slaves went into effect, the international slave trade was abolished..

 4. In 1808, 203 Years ago Today, The African Benevolent Society for Education is founded.

 5. In 1831, 180 Years ago Today, William Lloyd Garrison published first issue of abolitionist journal, The Liberator.

 6. In 1854, 157 Years ago Today, The oldest Historically Black University in the US, Lincoln University,  chartered as Ashmun Institute in Oxford, Pennsylvania.

 7. In 1860, 151 Years ago Today, A law went into effect in Arkansas which prohibited the emplotyment of free blacks on boats and ships navigating the rivers of that state.

 8. In 1861, 150 Years ago Today, Pres Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate states unlawful

 9. In 1863, 148 Years ago Today, President Lincoln signed Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves in rebel states with exception of thirteen parishes (including New Orleans) in Louisiana, forty-eight countries in West Virginia, seven countries (including Norfolk) in Eastern Virginia. Proclamation did not apply to slaves in Border States.

 10. In 1884, 127 Years ago Today, C. L. Mitchell Received Patent for Phoneterism

 11. In 1889, 122 Years ago Today, Granville T. Woods receives patent for the circuit breaker.

 12. In 1916, 95 Years ago Today, First issue of Journal of Negro History published.

 13. In 1956, 55 Years ago Today, Sudan proclaimed independent.

 14. In 1960, 51 Years ago Today, Cameroon gains independence

 15. In 1997, 14 Years ago Today, Kofi Annan of Ghana becomes first black secretary General of United Nations.

 16. In 1997, 14 Years ago Today, The former prison for Nelson Mandela and many other South Africans is turned in to a museum at Robben Island.


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