Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 Events In African American History For January 14

 1. In 1868, 143 Years ago Today, North Carolina constitutional convention (15 Blacks, 118 whites) met in Raleigh.

 2. In 1868, 143 Years ago Today, South Carolina constitutional convention, the first official assembly in the West with a Black majority, met in the Charleston Clubhouse with seventy-six Black delegates and forty-eight white delegates. Two-thirds of the Black delegates were former slaves. A New York Herald reporter wrote: “Here in Charleston is being enacted the most incredible, hopeful, and yet unbelievable experiment in all the history of mankind.”

 3. In 1873, 138 Years ago Today, P.B.S. Pinchback elected to the U. S. Senate. Since he had previously been elected to Congress, he went to Washington with the unique distinction of being both a senator-elect and a congressman-elect.

 4. In 1874, 137 Years ago Today, I.D. Shadd elected Speaker of the lower house of the Mississippi legislature.

 5. In 1895, 116 Years ago Today, Blacks organized the National Steamboat Company in Washington, D.C. The company sailed a steamboat, the “George Leary,” between DC and Norfolk, Virginia. The luxury boat held a capacity of 1,500 passengers and included three decks, sixty-four state rooms, on hundred berths, and a dining room.

 6. In 1930, 81 Years ago Today, Biologist and pioneer of cell divsion, Ernest E Just, serves as V.P. of American Zoologists

 7. In 1972, 39 Years ago Today, ” Sansford and Son” TV Premieres, NBC sitcom which gained immediate popularity depicting an African-American Father and son engaged in the junkyard business. Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin developed the comedy series based on the British “Steptoe and Son.”  The name Sanford came from John Sanford, the real name of comedian Redd Foxx, who played Fred Sanford. His son, Lamont, was played by Demond Wilson.

 8. In 1975, 36 Years ago Today, William T. Coleman is named Secretary of Transportation by President Gerald R. Ford. He is the second African American to hold a Cabinet level position

 9. In 1981, 30 Years ago Today, James Frank, president of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo. is installed as the first African American president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association

 10. In 1990, 21 Years ago Today, In Richmond, Virginia former Lt. Governor Lawrence Douglas Wilder took office as the first popularly elected African American governor of an American state.

 11. In 2010, 1 Years ago Today, Rasheedah Moore, After Completing O.C.S., became a Commisioned Officer  in the United States Army.


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