Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

 1. In 1874, 137 Years ago Today, Armed Democrats seize Texas government and end Radical Reconstruction in Texas.

 2. In 1917, 94 Years ago Today, U.S. succeeded Denmark as the sovereign authority in the Virgin Islands.

 3. In 1923, 88 Years ago Today,  First session of Third Pan-African Congress convened in London. Second session was held in Lisbon.

 4. In 1923, 88 Years ago Today, Spingarn Medal awarded to George Washington Carver, head of the department of research, Tuskegee Institute, for his pioneering work in agricultural chemistry.

 5. In 1923, 88 Years ago Today, Twenty-nine Blacks were reported lynched in 1923.

 6. In 1966, 45 Years ago Today, Martin Luther King Jr. opened campaign in Chicago.

 7. In 1970, 41 Years ago Today, John M. Burgess installed as bishop of the Protestant Episcopal diocese of Massachusetts.

 8. In 1978, 33 Years ago Today, Dr Ronald McNair named for a space mission


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