Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

  1. In 1821, 190 Years ago Today, Minister Lott Cary left the United States leading a group of freed slaves, most of whom were members of the American Colonization Society, to colonize a small portion of West Africa. This area became known as the Republic of Liberia in 1847.

 2. In 1891, 120 Years ago Today, Pioneer in surgery, Dr Daniel Hale Williams, founds Provident Hospital in Chicago, IL . At the same time, he founded Provident Hospital School of Nursing because Emma Reynolds, an African American, had been denied admission to every school of nursing in Chicago,

 3. In 1923, 88 Years ago Today, Garrett A. Morgan invented the Trafic Signal.

 4. In 1941, 70 Years ago Today, Richard Wright wins the Spingarn Medal for “Native Son”

 5. In 1945, 66 Years ago Today, The National Association of Colored Nursing Graduates pressures the Army Nurse Corps to drop its color bar and admit nurses without regard to race.

 6. In 1962, 49 Years ago Today, Demonstrations against discrimination in off-campus housing staged by students at University of Chicago.

 7. In 1964, 47 Years ago Today, The 24th Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified. It abolishes poll tax, which was used as a means of preventing african americans from voting

 8. In 1977, 34 Years ago Today, ABC-TV begins televising the Roots mini-series (which would go on to be the most watched mini-series in history), based on Alex Haley’s book


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