Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

The Saga Continues

The seattle cop stopped his car, got out, approached and elderly native american who was well known in the community as a wood carver.   The Police officer, being surprised by a knife (with a huge 3in blade)  and immediately felt threatend, shot and killed him. 

 As far as the inquest goes,  in order to get the the answer you want, you have to ask the right question.  The officer was cleared by a grand jury and will not face any charges.  Was it premeditated? No. But, in my opinion it was cold blooded murder.

This is the same police department that one of the officers kicked a young man in the groin while he had his hands up.

This is the same police department that one of the officers hit a young lady in the face with his fist.

This is the same police department that one of the officers kicked an individual in the head while yelling racial slurs while he was already down on the ground.  

I have to wonder if this is not a combination shot on the part of the police department.   The ball you hit with the cue ball is not the one you want to fall.  

 This is the same police department that is under investigation by the U.S. Justice department. 

What is it that the police department want to happen?   We see unrest spreading throughout the middle east.  Is this what police departments want to happen?   This would surely give them the chance to test out the urban assualt vehicles and tactical weapons that has been in the works for the last couple of decades i.e. PNAC

We (The U.S.) praise countries that allow peaceful protests, but will we allow peaceful protests or will we be the country that kill the protesters because the protesters are carrying a knife with a 3in blade.

We (The U.S.) enjoyed our freedoms, and since Sept 11, 2001, we sat by and watch them slowly slip through our fingers under the guise of security.  We will never enjoy the freedoms we enjoyed prior to 9-11, and thanks to the Patriot act, it is law.

If not already, this will probably put me on some kind of watch list


Mr. Williams was killed in an Aug. 30, 2010.  The police shooting was ruled unjustified by the Police Department’s Firearms Review Board. The officer who shot him, Ian Birk, resigned Feb. 16 after King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg announced charges would not be filed in the incident.  Coming to a Police Department near you.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn proclaim Sunday Feb 27, 2011 “John T. Williams Day” in honor of the man shot and killed by a Seattle police officer in August.   That was the last Sunday in February.   I think this (The last Sunday in February) day should the a celebration of  John T. Williams every year.  There should be contest and awards given out to junior carvers and everyone should carry a 3 inch carving knife in honor of  Mr.  Williams.


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