Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1911, 100 Years ago Today, Fifty-fifth Congress (1897-99) convened. One Black congressman: George H. White, North Carolina.

2. In 1933, 78 Years ago Today,  Los Angeles Sentinel founded by Leon H. Washington.

3. In 1933, 78 Years ago Today, NAACP began a coordinated attack on segregation and discrimination, filing a suit against the University of North Carolina on behalf of Thomas Hocutt. Case was lost on a technicality after the president of a Black college refused to certify the records of the plaintiff.

4. In 1933, 78 Years ago Today, Spingarn Medal presented to YMCA secretary Max Yergan for his achievements as a missionary in South Africa, “representing the gift of cooperation…American Negroes may send back to their Motherland.”

5. In 1949, 62 Years ago Today, Lloyd A. Hall received Patent for Manuf. Stable dry Papain Composition

6. In 1980, 31 Years ago Today, Scores injured in Klan-related incidents in Georgia, Tennessee, California, Indiana and North Carolina, in March and April.

7. In 1999, 12 Years ago Today, Marice Ashley, Instructor, author, became the first Black chess player to accede to the rank of International Grand Master.



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