Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1903,  Eighty-four Blacks reported lynched in this year.

Maggie Lena Walker

2. In 1903,  Maggie Lena Walker Became the first woman to head a bank when she became President of the St Luke’s Penny Bank in Richmond, Va.

3. In 1903, U.S. Supreme Court upheld clauses in Alabama constitution which disfranchised Blacks.

4. In 1960,  Togo becomes independent.

5. In 1961,  Sierra Leone proclaimed independence.

6. In 1964, 46 Years ago Today, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge to become the East African Nation of Tanzania.

7. In 1974,  “I’m Falling in Love With You,” by Little Anthony and the Imperials, enters the R&B chart,  it will peak at #34. It is the group’s last single to make the R&B Top Forty.

8. In 1994,  The first “Freedom Day” takes place in South Africa.

Barbara Hillary

9. In 2007, Barbara Hillary became the first black woman to trekked to the North Pole.


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