Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1899,  R. R. Reynolds Received Patent for Nonrefillable bottle

2. In 1920,   The first game of the National Negro Baseball League (NNL) is played in Indianapolis, Indiana. The NNL was formed earlier in the year by Andrew “Rube” Foster and a group of African American baseball club owners to combat prejudice and further enjoyment of the game.

3. In 1953,  The Rev. Joseph A. HJohnson of Jackson, TN, became the first Black student at Vanderbilt University.

4. In 1994,  Nelson Mandela, Activis and former politican Prisoner was inaugurated as the first  democratically elected state President of South Africa.  He Served until 1999

5. In 1999,   Reverend Jesse Jackson, who leads a group of religious leaders to the country of Serbia, obtains the release of three American Army prisoners of war, Staff Sgt. Andrew A. Ramirez, 24, of Los Angeles;Spc. Steven M. Gonzales, 21, of Huntsville, Texas; and Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Stone, 25, of Smiths Creek, Mich.


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