Nothing will motivate a man to move forward faster than knowing what's behind Him.

1. In 1888, Granville T. Woods Received Patent for Electromotive railway system

2. In 1894, The American Railway Union, led by Eugene Debs, calls a general strike in sympathy with Pullman workers

3. In 1926, Mordecai W Johnson was unanimously elected President of Howard University, becoming the first African American to head that institution.

4. In 1934, W.E.B. Du Bois resigned from his position at the NAACP in a disagreement over policy and racial strategy.

5. In 1950, The American Medical Association seats the first African American delegates at its convention.

6. In 1952, The African National Congress begins its Defiance of Unjust Laws campaign in South Africa.

7. In 1959, Prince Edward County, Va., Board of Supervisors closes its school system to prevent integration.

8. In 1960, Madagascar becomes independent from France.

9. In 1962, Sit-in demonstrations and passive resistance movement began in Cairo, Illinois. Demonstrations against segregation in swimming pool, skating rink and other facilities continued for several months.

10. In 1964, Blacks and Whites riot over racial segregation in ST Augustine.

11. In 1965, “Take Me Back,” by Little Anthony and the Imperials, makes its chart debut. It will peak at #15.


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